Food and Drinks to Avoid For High Blood Pressure

High blood pressure

People with high blood pressure (hypertension) can lower their blood pressure by eating a healthy diet. A healthy diet comprises of:

Many foods and beverages can prevent you from lowering your blood pressure.

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High sugar consumption has been connected to numerous cases of weight gain, obesity, and high blood pressure.

Sweetened sugar drinks, has contributed to an increase cases of obesity in people of all ages. High blood pressure is more common in people who are overweight or obese.

The American Heart Association recommends that women limit their added sugar intake to 6 teaspoons, or 24 grams, per day, while that of men should be 9 teaspoons, or 36 grams, per day.


Excessive intake of alcohol can increase your blood pressure and many cancers. According to the Mayo Clinic, having more than three drinks in one sitting can cause a temporary increase in blood pressure while frequent drinking can lead to prolonged blood pressure problems.

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Alcohol can also inhibit any blood pressure medications from being effective. Also, alcohol is loaded with calories, which means it must be metabolized by the liver, and can lead to weight gain.


High blood pressure and heart disease has been linked to high salt and sodium intake. The 2015-2020 Dietary Guidelines for Americans suggest that people with high blood pressure limit their daily sodium intake to just 1,500 milligrams (mg). Some of the saltiest packaged foods include:

  • canned soup
  • vegetable juices
  • deli meat
  • frozen pizza
  • canned or bottled tomato products

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Deli meat

Processed deli meat is high in sodium. These meats are often cured, seasoned, and preserved with salt. A simple sandwich can harmfully become a sodium bomb by adding pickles, cheese, and condiments.

Canned soups

Canned soups easy to prepare, especially for people who are always busy. However, canned soups are laden with sodium. Canned and packaged broths and stocks can be unhealthy for blood pressure, too. Some soups can contain as much as 900 mg of sodium in just one serving, which is typically a 1/2 cup.


Salt is needed to preserve any kind of food because it stops the decay of the food and keeps it eatable longer. The longer vegetables sit in canning and preserving liquids, the more sodium they can pick up.

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Canned or bottled tomato products

Most canned tomato sauces, pasta sauces, and tomato juices are high in sodium. A 1/2-cup serving of classic marinara sauce can have 400mg of sodium or more. A cup of tomato juice can contain more than 600mg of sodium. You can often find low- or reduced-sodium versions of all of these items.

Frozen pizza

For people with high blood pressure, pizzas are a poor choice. The combination of cheese, cured meats, tomato sauce, and crust contains a lot of sodium. Frozen pizza is particularly unhealthy for people with high blood pressure.


People with high blood pressure should work with their doctor or dietician on the right food choices. Go for reduced-sodium, no-sodium, or trans fat-free options. Eat lots of fruits and vegetables daily because they contain potassium which can counterbalance the effect of sodium.

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