How to Use Ginger to Treat Sore Throat

Ginger is a spicy herb that’s used for culinary and curative purposes. One therapeutic use of ginger is for the treatment of sore throats.

Ginger contains anti-inflammatory properties that helps soothe a sore throat. It also boosts immunity to help fight infections that cause sore throats.

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Medicinal properties of ginger

Ginger contains gingerols and shogaols, – potent bioactive compounsd which are beneficial to health. According to studies, these compounds contains anti-inflammatory properties which may help reduce your risk for many conditions, including sore throats.

Also, ginger contains antimicrobial properties that may help fight off bacterial or viral infections, including those that cause sore throats.

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Ginger also contains antioxidant properties which may provide protective and healing benefits against disease. In one study, fresh ginger was found to provide more antioxidative benefits than dried ginger.

Ginger may help soothe throat pain and speed up recovery because the compounds in ginger may enhance immunity. Most sore throats are caused by viruses which cannot be eliminated by cold medication. A study showed that ginger stimulated the immune system to kill viruses.

How to use ginger to treat sore throat

You can use ginger in a few ways to treat sore throat;

Chewing raw ginger root

This is the most intense way to take ginger due to the herb’s spicy heat. To use raw ginger for treating sore throat, remove the bark-like surface by rubbing a spoon along the surface of the root. Slice off a 1-inch (2.5 cm) piece of fresh raw ginger root, and chew it raw. You can swallow the root as it turns to pulp, or you can spit it out. Chew on a piece of ginger root two to three times per day for relief.

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Ginger and honey

Since honey contains antimicrobial properties, it may provide additional healing benefits to take it with ginger for healing sore throat. You can add 1 tablespoon (5 ml) of honey to hot ginger tea.

Ginger powder or seasoning

You can use powdered ginger to season your meals by adding about two teaspoons per meal. You can add more if you enjoy the flavor. You can also take 2 teaspoons of powder without food up to three times per day by mixing it with warm water. Alternatively, you can also replace ginger powder with chopped raw root.

Ginger tea

A very effective remedy for sore throat is sipping hot ginger tea. The warm liquid may be soothing to an inflamed throat. To prepare ginger tea, combine 2 teaspoons (9.8 ml) fresh or dried ginger in 1 cup of boiling water. Let it steep for five minutes, then strain the liquid to remove the ginger before drinking. Drink ginger tea up to three times per day for relief.


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