Tips on How to Develop More Intimacy in Your Relationship

Couples in a new relationship tend to display more affection and intimacy towards each other. However, as time goes by, the bond between them tends to slacken and they begin to gradually drift apart. They may find it difficult to bring back those sweet old days they spent in each other’s company. Here are tips to develop a more lasting bond of intimacy in your relationship.

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  1. Maintain eye contact often

Establishing and maintaining eye contact with your partner is one of the immediate remedies for developing a lasting intimacy. Look into the eye of your partner, and you’ll see them express what’s buried deep down in their hearts.

  1. Help each other

Don’t focus more on improving the relationship, but rather on improving each other as individuals. Encourage your partner to achieve a particular set goal, and reward him or her, when they meet their target.

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  1. Be an attentive listener

When you are a good listener, your partner will better express themselves and you will be able to see their opinion. Don’t operate with the mentality that your partner’s opinion is unimportant, while you try to force them to accept your view.

  1. Learn a new hobby together

You and your spouse can learn a hobby together that will create a closer bond. It could be lessons on playing an instrument, learning a new language, cooking, painting, and others. Learning a hobby together will serve the dual purpose of developing more intimacy and also making you improve yourselves.

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  1. Go on short breaks

It may be wise to take breaks from each other to cool things off if the tension in your relationship starts getting out of hand. Your reasons for distress would gradually melt away, and there would be a new energy in your relationship when you reunite.

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  1. Work on your expectations

Most people feel agitated when their partners didn’t meet the expectations they had in mind. It would be impossible for your partner to have an idea of what you have in mind if you don’t make it plainly known to them through proper communication.


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