Use These Plants to Naturally Repel Flea and Tick

Ticks and fleas are pests that can cause great discomfort and illness for your pets. Fleas are tiny insects that can jump long distances and break the skin of pets with their bites before feeding on their blood. They can cause skin injuries that result in your pet itching heavily, which can lead to them hurting themselves. Fleas can cause anemia and can transmit internal parasites to pets.

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Ticks are small mites that transmit parasites to dogs, sheep, rabbits, and even people. They can even conceal in the scalps of children and feed on blood.

Instead of using chemicals that may be expensive, cause injury, or unnecessary side-effects, we can use all of these plants as exceptionally powerful natural repellents. You can eliminate or decrease the number of these blood-sucking insects by cultivating the plants and also filling your garden with beautiful color at the same time.

Plants to use as natural repellents


Mint plant has a refreshing fragrance. It is one of the best methods for getting rid of fleas and ticks. It is also safe for your pets. Ensure you put the plants in pots because they can spread easily to occupy your garden.


Rosemary plant grows naturally in the Mediterranean region and other climates if well cared for. Apart from being an active repellent, it has a light blue flower that makes for great decoration, and it’s a good source of amino acids and is great for seasoning.


Garlic is another active plant that is used to prevent ticks from disturbing your pets. You can also crush some cloves up and spread them around the edges of your pet’s bed. However, it may not be safe to use garlic if you have a cat because they tend to be allergic to garlic.

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Lemongrass is a natural flea repellent. It is often used in cooking because of its intense smell and flavor. It also contains antiseptic properties.


Daises are beautiful flowers with white leaves and a yellow center. Its beauty makes it a very popular flower to have in the garden. Its fragrance helps chase off flea, mosquito and fly. Your pets are safe to be around this plant.

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This is a beautiful, colorful plant that also helps keep ticks and fleas away from your home. This flower also helpsget rid of cockroaches and lice. Put it at the edges of your garden or around other plants.

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Lavender is a very beautiful plant with colorful flowers and a lovely smell. It is part of the mint family. Lavender is safe for pets and helps keep fleas, fleas, mosquitos, and moths away.


As the name implies, catnip is an herb that is very similar to mint and cats love it. It gives offan strong menthol smell that entices cats while also protecting them from fleas.

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