Best Exercises for People with Diabetes

Most people with type 2 diabetes are at risk of becoming obese and falling constantly. So regular exercise helps you lose weight and improve balance.

Sheri Colberg-Ochs, PhD, founder of the Diabetes Motion Academy in Santa Barbara, Califorinia, said;

“I fully recommend that anyone over 40 with diabetes include balance training as part of their weekly routine, at least two to three days per week.” “It can be as simple as practicing balancing on one leg at a time, or more complex — like tai chi exercises.

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Here are five great exercises you can integrate into your daily routine. Be sure to check with your doctor before beginning any exercise routine, and always start slowly before gradually increasing the intensity.


For walking, all you need is a pair of comfortable shoes and somewhere to go. Walking is one of the most prescribed activities for people with type 2 diabetes.” Brisk walking done at a pace that raises the heart rate is an aerobic exercise, and studies show beneficial effects when people with diabetes participate in aerobic activities at least three days a week for a total of 150 minutes.

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This aerobic exercise is ideal for people with type 2 diabetes because it doesn’t mount pressure on your joints. According to Colberg-Ochs, “Being buoyed by the water is less stressful for you.”

Diabetes often reduces blood flow to the small blood vessels of your extremities, causing you to lose sensation in your feet. People with diabetes must avoid foot injuries, even minor cuts or blisters, because they can heal slowly, making it susceptible to an infection.

Tai Chi

Tai chi can best be described as successions of slow movements performed in a relaxed manner over 30 minutes. A recent study confirmed that tai chi is perfect for type 2 diabetes, according to Colberg-Ochs. Tai chi provides fitness and stress reduction in people with type 2 diabetes. Tai chi also improves balance and may reduce nerve damage, which is a common complication from diabetes.

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Yoga can greatly be beneficial to diabetics. This is because yoga can help fight insulin resistance, help lower body fat, and improve nerve function. These are all vital for people with type 2 diabetes. When you have type 2 diabetes. A person’s stress level also causes their blood sugar to increase. Yoga helps reduce stress.

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