9 Ways to Pluck Eyebrows Without Pain

Plucking your eyebrows can be a very painful experience because the nerves over the top of the eyes are very sensitive to pain. For most people, plucking eyebrows is a necessary pain in order to achieve that much desired look. However, it is possible to achieve a nice brow shape without undergoing torturous moments.

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Let’s look at ways you can pluck your eyebrow with the least discomfort and useful grooming tips you should have in mind.

How to pluck eyebrows without pain

  1. Get a facial first

Getting a facials before removing your eyebrows will ease the pains because it would open your pores. You can use a steamy washcloth over your face and eyes. Allow it sit on your skin for a few minutes. Then lather up moisturizing face wash and clean your skin. Rinse with warm water and apply a good moisturizer to soften your skin. This will help the hairs come out easier and with no pain.

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  1. Use Good Tweezers

You have to use good tweezers to avoid much pain when plucking your eyebrows. Dull tweezers don’t grab the hairs well and can actually make you pull harder, which can cause pain. Use a good set of sharp tweezers that remove the hair with one quick pull.

  1. Avoid Over-Tweezing

Over-tweezing your eyebrows causes more hair growth, which increases the amount of pain you have to bear. Sketch the shape you want to achieve with a brow liner. Then, just pluck the hairs around the outline. Gently pull out any strays in the corners and between your brows.

  1. Ice the area 

In other not to feel pain in the area you are plucking, you can help numb the skin by applying some ice to the area before you pluck. Just avoid doing this after using hot water or your shower or you will close the pores back up and cause pain. You can use ice again on the area if you experience redness after plucking.

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  1. Pull Outward

It is advisable to go with the direction your hair grows and pull the hair outwards to reduce pain. It also helps to brush your eyebrows down before plucking and pull outward towards the outer corner of your eyes. Avoid pulling hairs upward or downward or inward towards your nose.

  1. Avoid taking coffee on that day

You may need to avoid taking coffee on any day you choose to pluck your brows. This is because coffee is also known to increase sensations like, pain. It also decreases blood flow to the tiny blood vessels around the eyes. This can increase your pain sensations.

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  1. Stretch the skin before plucking

To stretch your skin, place one or two fingers from your free hand over the brow skin to pull it tight. This helps reduce pulling of the skin while you are plucking, thereby decreasing pain.

  1. Avoid Plucking During Your Period

It is best not to pluck your brows during your menstrual flow because your pain receptors are the most sensitive during this period. Hold off on plucking until you have finished your cycle.

  1. Use Wax

You can use a little wax to get the majority of hair off first before plucking the strays at the corners. Waxing may be a uncomfortable, but it helps remove much of the hair at a time compared to plucking.

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