People From Bigger Family May Have Lower Cancer Risk

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According to a new study, people from a large family may have a lower cancer risk. The researchers obtained data from 178 countries for the study. They discovered that people from larger families were less likely to develop cancer than those from smaller families.

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In a news release at the University of Zurich, study senior author Maciej Henneberg said the “link between family size and cancer risk was independent of income, levels of urbanization and age.”

Apart from parents and their children, the family size also included members of the extended family in the household.

The researchers added that this protective effect of a large family was stronger in men than in women.

The study only established a link between family size and cancer risk, but it did not prove a connection between cause and effect.

The researchers said though large family life can be stressful, but can also provide positive emotional environments that can boost a person’s resistance to diseases, including cancer.

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Article source: Webmd


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