Health Benefits of Pumpkin Seeds for Men

Pumpkin seeds are very rich in magnesium, zinc, and healthy fats. These small seeds offer many benefits and are very useful for your cardiovascular health. 

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Benefits of Pumpkin seeds for men

Here are some of the reasons why men may want to include pumpkin seeds in their diet.

  1. It Prevents Osteoporosis

Pumpkin seeds helps prevent osteoporosis in men. One out of every 8 men over the age of 50 suffers from an osteoporotic fracture, according to studies. The disease affects the levels of bone density. Pumpkin seeds helps to improve bone density and prevent osteoporosis since it is rich in zinc.

  1. It Improves Male Sex Drive

Integrating pumpkin seeds in your diet helps improve libido. Each serving of pumpkin seeds contains loads of calcium, niacin, phosphorous, and potassium. These are vital minerals that help improve sex drive. Phosphorous is vital for energy production and better sex drive. Niacin has blood-dilating properties and improves tactile sensations. These seeds are also rich in magnesium which help regular sex hormones and prevent issues with sexual performance.

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  1. It Prevents infertility in Men

As you advance in age, the levels of zinc in your body drops, leading to several reproductive health issues, including impotency. Zinc helps prevent fertility and performance issues, because it plays a role in preventing the accumulation of an androgen called DHT that affects male sexual health and hair growth. High levels of DHT directly affect testosterone levels in the body, which in turn will have an impact on fertility, balding, and sexual health. Pumpkin seeds are rich in zinc making them an ideal remedy for this issue.

  1. It Improves Prostate Health

Pumpkin seeds contains carotenoids which helps prevent the activation of prostate cell multiplication. Based on this fact, these seeds may improve your prostate health. It is not known how pumpkin seeds help in prostate health, but there is evidence that consuming the seeds regularly may maintain prostate health and prevent cancer.

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General benefits of pumpkin seeds

Apart from being beneficial to men, pumpkin seeds are also healthy for everyone. General benefits of pumpkin seeds include:

  1. Pumpkin seeds prevents kidney stones 

Pumpkin seeds act as diuretics and offer relief from the symptoms of an enlarged prostate. They help in detoxification process, improve circulation and boost the functions of your kidneys and liver. This helps get rid of toxins from your body and lowers your risk of developing kidney stones.

  1. It Prevents Insomnia

Your general health can be affected by anxiety and stress. Stress leads to insomnia, and sleep deprivation can lead to all sorts of health issues. Adding pumpkin seeds to your diet helps remedy sleeplessness because it contain tryptophan and magnesium, which stimulate sleep.

  1. It Improves Cardiovascular Health

Pumpkin seeds are very important for your cardiovascular or heart health. This is because they contain phytosterols, which helps lower bad cholesterol levels and your risk of developing blood clots and atherosclerosis. A reduction in levels of cholesterol equally means a lower risk of developing heart attack or stroke.

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  1. It Lowers Risk of Cancer 

Adding pumpkin seeds in your diet helps lower your risk of cancer because these seeds provide your body with antioxidants that prevent oxidative damage. Consuming pumpkin seeds on regular basis helps get rid of free radicals since they contain phenolic compounds.

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