Six Foods to Avoid For a Flat Stomach

Burning those excess fat around your waistline may not be as difficult as you think. The kind of foods we eat contribute greatly to developing belly fat. However, you can lose belly fat in a short duration by taking into consideration certain foods to avoid as discussed below:

  1. Avoid alcohol, processed food, refined sugar, and coffee

To get rid of belly fat, you have to avoid or cut down on the consumption of coffee and alcohol. Also, processed food increases fat accumulation thereby leading to tummy fat.

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  1. Dairy Food

Though milk is a healthy drink, but excess intake can lead to gases and bloating which are obstacles to getting a flat stomach. Instead of milk, go for yogurt which is still a healthy choice.

  1. Hot Spices

Avoid eating food with hot spices. Hot spicy foods causes stomach irritation which is as a result of the increased secretion in your stomach. Consuming hot spices leads to indigestion and causes fat to accumulate near the stomach.

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  1. Salty foods

Excessive intake of salty foods causes water retention in the body. Endeavour to avoid salty foods as much as possible. Also, adding table salt to your already-prepared food to improve the taste should be avoided.

  1. Reduce carbohydrates intake

Carbohydrates weaken the belly fat burning process. Avoid foods like bread, pasta, and sweet food. Instead consume foods with high protein content.

6. Go for fruits

Though fruits are healthful to consume, but you have to be cautious about choosing the right fruit for weight loss. Apples or pears contains fructose, which will slow down the body metabolism, hence these fruits should be avoided for belly fat. Instead consume citrus fruits like lemon, oranges, lime, grapes, and others to reduce belly fat.

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