How to Check Whether You Have Health Problems without Going to the Doctor

You can diagnose yourself from the comfort of your home to know whether you have a health problem. All you need is a spoon and nylon bag. This test can help you know if your intestines, hormones, respiratory system, kidneys, teeth, or metabolism is functioning properly without any glitch. However, in case you notice any problems, you will need to go to the doctor for proper diagnosis and treatment.

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Get a clean spoon and remove small deposits from the surface of the tongue, focusing on layers close to the throat.

Wrap the spoon in the nylon bag and allow it to stand 60 seconds under the strong bulb. The essence of the bright light is to help the development of bacteria, so that the result will be more noticeable.

How to Interpret Results

If you are healthy, the deposits will be clean. However, if the deposits are too many, strange in color and unpleasant odor, then it may indicate an early sign of lung problems or breathing pathways, liver, kidneys, intestines or hormones. If you get this result, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis.

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Most people are oblivious they have a bad mouth odor, so this test will bring that to the surface.

  1. If it is a fruity odor, it can point to ketoacidosis, or a disorder of metabolism, which may lead to diabetes.
  2. If it is an unpleasant odor that resembles ammonia, it may point to kidney problems.
  3. If a white or yellow spot appear on the spoon in the thick layer, it may indicate a thyroid dysfunction.
  4. In some cases, a person may notice a purple stain on the spoon. This may mean you have high cholesterol, bronchitis, or poor circulation.
  5. White stain is an indicator of respiratory infection, and orange indicates kidney disease.

Irrespective of what you notice on the surface of the spoon, you will still need to see your doctor for proper diagnosis. Note that an unpleasant breath does not always mean you have an underlying health condition.

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