Meet 70-Year-Old Woman Looks Decades Younger

A 70-year-old woman, Annette Larkins, who looks like a woman in her thirties, has revealed the secret to her striking youthful look.

According to Mrs. Larkins, cancer claimed the lives of her mother, grandmother, and great aunts at young ages and diabetes runs in her family. The chances of Mrs. Larkins developing one of these diseases was high, this made her to turn to nature and become a vegetarian in 1985.

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Mrs. Larkins resorted to eating only fruits and vegetables which she grows on her backyard garden. The garden has lots of berries, leafy greens, berries, and a banana tree. She also grows hydroponics for cucumber, wheat grass, and lettuces.

The 70-year-old vegan makes a juice using the grasses with other items from her garden and eats only raw foods. She even drinks and waters her plants with the rainwater she collects.

Now 76, Mrs. Larkins enjoys impeccable health and her skin is smooth, devoid of wrinkle, radiant and youthful.

According to her, “my garden is the fountain of my youth.”

Larkins has since published books, booklets, a DVD, and appeared on many television talk shows to share her personal health success story.

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Eating a raw vegan diet is very beneficial to health. It helps treat asthma, constipation, cancer, allergies, obesity, high cholesterol, and prevents lots of other diseases.

A raw vegan diet implies eating living foods. Though note that, not all foods are healthiest when eaten raw. Cooked carrots contain more vitamin A and beta-carotene when consumed raw. Whether food is cooked or raw, the best way to obtain most of the vitamins and other nutrients your body needs is through regular consumption of a wide range of fruits and vegetables, nuts, and protein-rich seeds.


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