12 Amazing Uses for Coconut Oil

The numerous amazing benefits and uses of coconut oil cannot be over-emphasized. The number of people using coconut oil for their daily routine has drastically increased over the past years. Coconut oil is extremely healthy, and it’s easy to implement the oil into many different parts of your daily routine.

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12 amazing benefits of coconut oil

  1. Used for smoothies and juices

Integrating coconut oil into green juices or smoothies can be beneficial, because it adds healthy fats to the beverages. Coconut oil has a slightly tropical flavor which makes the drink more pleasurable.

  1. Healthy replacement for butter

Those who are vegan or lactose intolerant may find it difficult to get a suitable replacement for butter, but not to worry, because coconut oil has come to the rescue. One of the best uses for coconut oil is as a butter substitute. Coconut oil is an exceptional choice for baking, and many recipes allow you to substitute easily for butter. Using coconut oil instead of butter could help you introduce healthier fats into your diet. Though coconut oil is high in saturated fats, but it could help improve your blood cholesterol profile and encourage the body to use fat as its primary source of fuel.

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  1. Lip Balm

Coconut oil is perfect for people with chapped lips, especially in the wintertime. Instead of the conventional lip balm, you can now use coconut oil. Simply place a bit of coconut oil in a small container and apply it as necessary to help protect your lips.

  1. Cooking Oils

Coconut oil proves to be better than other oils for cooking because the composition of some oils changes at high heat, but coconut oil does not. Also, coconut oil will not change how your food tastes.

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  1. Helps heal sunburn

Coconut oil is effective at getting rid of sunburn compared to aloe vera, according to studies. The oil contains cooling and soothing properties which helps to fix burnt skin. Also, the moisturizing properties of coconut oil helps reduce the itching and peeling that occurs after a severe sunburn.

  1. Check stretch marks

Stretch marks are somewhat permanent marks that occurs if you gain weight suddenly, making it difficult for your body to keep up with the expansion. Since the body cannot produce new skin fast enough, it results in the formation of stretch marks. Apart from adding weight, stretch marks can occur in people lifting weights for the first time, or in pregnant women. Coconut oil helps reduce the appearance of stretch marks because of its natural moisturizing properties. By using coconut oil on your skin routinely, you can reduce stretch marks, wrinkles, and sagging skin.

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  1. Keeps feet healthy

Coconut oil is unique because it contains both antibacterial and antifungal properties, in addition to the fact that it is a natural moisturizing agent. All these properties makes it potent for moisturizing foot. Coconut oil could reduce the chances of developing foot fungus, prevent dry, cracking skin on your toes, heels, and ankles.

  1. Perfect for bulletproof coffee

Adding coconut oil to coffee is probably one of the best benefits of the oil. Bulletproof coffee has gained popularity of late, with many people finding that it helps them lose weight or gives them more energy in the mornings to carry out their activities and sustaining them till lunch time. Users have found that consuming bulletproof coffee every morning helps with losing weight, curtailing appetites, working harder, thinking faster, and being more alert.

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  1. Makeup Remover

Another beauty use of coconut oil is that it serves as a perfect makeup remover. Most women who have used coconut oil for this purpose claims it is the best makeup remover they’ve ever used. Coconut oil is devoid of harmful chemicals or other similar ingredients in most makeup remover.

  1. Perfect leave-in conditioner

You can keep hair soft, healthy, and with a perfect glow by using coconut oil as a stay-in conditioner. Most people have discovered that using a stay-in conditioner is an exceptional way to help keep their hair healthy because it acts as a deep-conditioning agent. Simply apply a small bit of the oil into your hair at night before going to bed and leave it in overnight. Then, rinse it when you wake up in the morning. You’ll find the result to be smooth, healthy hair. You can also consider adding a bit of stay-in coconut oil conditioner to the ends of your hair after you straight it.

  1. Help in fast healing of wounds

Coconut oil contains antibacterial properties that could help keep wounds clean, allowing them to heal faster and prevent scarring. You can also use coconut oil on bug bites.

  1. Shaving Oil

To avoid dealing with razor cuts or burn, it’s vital to create a surface that permits the razor to glide over your skin with ease when shaving, and coconut oil can help achieve that. You can use coconut oil as a substitute for shaving creams and lathers. The oil will act as a natural moisturizer that can make shaving easier while also protecting your skin.

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