5 Symptoms of Cardiac Arrest Only Seen in Women

Cardiac arrest

Cardiac arrest does not only affect women, but men too. However, for the purpose of this article, we shall be looking at symptoms that are solely attributed to females. Most women may mistake these symptoms as common discomfort, but they can indicate a cardiac arrest.

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One of the most common causes of unexpected or premature death globally is cardiac arrestThere are certain signals emitted by our body that we must not fail to ignore in order to save our lives and the lives of others.

It’s vital to act promptly because people have a higher chance of surviving if they receive defibrillation (electric shock used to restore normal heart beat).

The heart has an internal system that is responsible for regulating the heartbeat. However, several factors can lead to irregular heartbeats (arrhythmia).

Arrhythmia or irregular heart beat causes the heart to beat too slow, fast or it even stop beating. This can lead to a sudden cardiac arrest.

Some possible causes of cardiac arrest include:

  • Physical stress
  • Coronary diseases
  • Genetic conditions

Signs of cardiac arrest only found in women

1. Cold sweats

Women who always experience cold sweat shouldn’t take the condition for granted. Don’t conclude that your cold sweats may be caused by daily stress. If cold sweat is something you usually didn’t suffer from before, consult your doctor immediately.

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2. Pain in the neck, back, jaw and arm

Constant pains in the neck, jaw, back, and arms may indicate cardiac arrest in women, so it should be examined with caution because it’s very easy to confuse these symptoms. If the pains developed sharply, dully, over time, or suddenly, consult your doctor.

  1. Frequent exhaustion

If you often feel tired in a matter of minutes daily even when you haven’t engaged in any strenuous activities, then you ought to see a doctor. It should become very urgent for you to consult an expert if you still feel even after resting.

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4. Stomach pains accompanied by nausea

Any woman experiencing stomach pain associated with nausea, may be having symptoms of a cardiac arrest. You might feel it’s symptoms of food poisoning or the flu. However, if you feel a strong pressure in your stomach, see your doctor.

5. Breathing problems and dizziness

If you have repetitive breathing problems and light-headedness, consult your doctor to rule out other underlying conditions.


If you’ve suffered from cardiac arrest before, you should take more health precautions to avoid letting it reoccur.

  • Avoid harmful practices, such as alcohol, tobacco, and a sedentary lifestyle.
  • Exercise regularly in order to steadily control blood pressure, diabetes, and cholesterol.
  • Consult your doctor for preferred medications that benefit cardiovascular health.

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