6 Signs to Show When a Man Isn’t Your Soul-mate

Have you ever started a relationship when at times you feel something for your partner, but at the same time, everything with him seems so wrong? In this case, you may want to be careful about taking the relationship serious because he may not be your soul-mate.

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1. You don’t feel like telling him something important

You just don’t have that urge to tell him about something that’s very important to you, no matter how trivial. It may not be a big thing, it may be a simple thought you’ve been nursing for a while now, but you don’t have the inclination to share it with him. If your instinct tells you to not tell him, maybe he’s not the right one. If you really love someone, your first instinct is to tell him everything about you.

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2. He doesn’t respect your priorities

He may know your priorities, but he does respect the fact that you have to follow your goals. He doesn’t motivate you to pursue your dreams, or he complains whenever you have to do something important for your own happiness because he feels left behind. This means he isn’t meant for you.

3. He judges you

He openly judges you and your life’s choices simply because he has a different approach to life as you do. Instead of being judgmental, he should advice you on areas he feels you need improvement, and not to impose his choices on you.

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  1. You don’t find his jokes funny

One sure tactics men have of making themselves attractive to ladies is their ability to make them laugh at their jokes, no matter how silly. When a girl always laughs at the slightest jokes of a guy, it’s a big pointer that she’s in love with him. However, if you don’t laugh at his jokes, or if you find them rather insulting, then maybe he’s not your soul-mate.

  1. You don’t feel anything with him

As the saying goes; “there’s no force in love.” So, there shouldn’t be any bit of force in a good relationship. If you feel that something between you and him is hard or if you don’t feel anything with him, you may need to reconsider your stance. He might be a great friend, but not in a romantic way. Love has to be felt between the two partners.

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  1. You don’t have any urge to text him back

If you really like someone, you’ll feel the desire to text him back as soon as possible, or even text him first. If it doesn’t happen, or if every text you receive from him inconveniences you, then maybe both of you aren’t meant to be.

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