How To Know When Your Relationship Won’t Last

Most people in romantic relationships often know that the relationship has no future and is heading nowhere, but they prefer to deny it for various reasons. However, remaining in a fruitless relationship is simply delaying the inevitable.

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Follow the tips below to detect the signals that tell you when your relationship isn’t going anywhere.

1. Your sex life is the definition of “boring”

Don’t take this likely, if your sex life isn’t as enjoyable as it used to be formerly, then there may be a problem. The effort to try out something new may come from just one partner, while the other person is unresponsive.

However, spicing up the passion takes two and the flame of love can’t stay lit if only one of the partners in the relationship shows interest.

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The lack of sexual intimacy from a partner may be due to unresolved conflicts or some other issues. This may get worse if you’ve had an history of infidelity between you and your spouse. If they show lack of interest, you may just feel they are cheating on you with some other person. Instead of sweeping this under a rug, find a good time to thrash it out with your partner by talking about it, so as to know the way forward.

  1. You feel like you need to show your worth

A partner in a relationship may always want to show their self-worth because they always feel guilty. This may be a hint that a relationship isn’t going anywhere. You may want to show how much the relationship means to you and you want it to stand the test of time. You want to show that you’re ready to sacrifice your all just to be with your partner. But are they also putting in same efforts?

If you’re the only one who is putting in all the efforts to see the relationship stands, it means when you stop making an effort, everything will come crashing down.

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  1. You’ve given up who you were

If you’ve lost your self-worth or completely given up who you used to be, then there’s probably no future in your relationship. If you’ve given up everything that made you happy, and don’t even remember the things that made you feel good, then it’s time to get some distance to find yourself again. When your relationship makes you feel lost and puzzled such that things get complicated, then it’s time to let go and retrace your steps.

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