Signs to Tell When Your Partner Is Cheating on You

Couples in relationship fear being cheated on, especially by someone they love dearly. Cheating or infidelity leads to many breakup, split, and divorce in relationships for those who cannot stand the hurt of betrayal. Some couples are able to overcome the distrust, others just chose to call it quits and move on.

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Despite the suspicions, there are surefire ways to know if our partner is being unfaithful or not.

Sure Signs to Know When Your Partner is Cheating

Here are some key signs for identifying a cheating partner.

Loss of affection

When a partner starts seeing somebody else other than their spouse, there tends to be shift of affection. The one time strong bond that holds the couple together weakens. A cheating partner stops being affectionate like they used to be towards their partner. When your partner is cheating he or she loses interest to establish physical or sexual contact.

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Conceals phone activity

A cheating partner would craftily conceal every call he/she make or answer on their phone. If your partner often step out to answer or make a call, then they may be unfaithful. If you don’t have anything to hide, there’s nothing to worry about. If your partner starts to hide their phone activity, then they may be hiding a secret affair.

Make extra effort with appearance

If your partner suddenly starts putting in a little extra effort to look his or her best, it may not be you they have in mind. One sure pointer to know they are seeing someone else is if they worry much about their appearance without a care about your reaction. He or she might actually be trying to look good for somebody else. If they buy new clothes, spray perfume excessively when going out without you and other changes in attitude, then these may be signs. Though some people may want to look different for a change, so you need to know how to recognize if there’s a sexual motivation.

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At times, a cheating partner may feel guilty, causing him or her to be anxious and nervous. The complexity of the situation can cause your partner to be moody or irritable.

They always want to be alone

Your partner may be cheating on you if he or she starts making so many excuses to be along or away from you. Quality time needs to be invested into a budding relationship in order for it to blossom. So, in order to be with the other person, your partner may makes excuses to hang out with other friends or to be by themselves frequently, either overtime at work, spontaneous hangouts with friends or business trips.

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Take up new habits

There’s reason to suspect your partner if he or she is trying out new things, especially at a certain time. If your partner have to go out at the same time every time, it could be to be with someone else they are developing a bond with. In such scenarios, a cheating partner may be nervous or rush out to avoid suspicion.

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