Reasons Why Women Add On Weight After 40

Once a woman is in her 40s, a lot of changes occur in her body. She may become more stressed and lethargic. Also, performing the once easy daily chores may become quite difficult. You may be near your menopause and you will get drained easily. Here are few factors to watch out for which can cause you to gain weight.

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A woman’s metabolism slows down as she grows older. Ageing causes your body to burn fewer calories, thereby slowing down metabolism. This can cause fat to accumulate thereby making you fatter.

Unhealthy eating habits

Most women may have so much to worry about after age 40. From taking care of kids and family to handling work pressure, you may fail to pay attention to foods you consume. You may eat the wrong kinds of foods that would cause you to add on weight like oily, spicy, or junk food. You may also overindulge. So, women who have hit 40 and above should watch what they eat.

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Lack of exercise

Exercise keeps you physically fit to deal with various health problems. Regular work outs help to boost your blood circulation and heart rate. This will help you to keep heart diseases away. However, most women fail to exercise once they reach age 40 and above. Create time out of your busy schedule to exercise regularly to avoid unwanted weight gain.


Stress may come on due to your personal or professional life. Stress causes your adrenal glands to produce cortisol which helps you to de-stress. However, while your body is able to deal with stress, cortisol can help prevent weight gain.

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Certain medications

A woman might begin to experience some health issues as she advances in age. Some medications which you may take to ease symptoms can cause you to add on weight. Consult your doctor about getting the medications and how to remedy the weight gain.


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