7 Unsafe Foods You Should Never Eat with Braces

Putting on braces may not be too appealing, but when eventually removed, it helps your smile to be beautiful with a straight teeth. However, it can be frustrating to go through all the efforts of wearing braces only to unknowingly eat foods that will damage the brackets and wires, or lead to cavities.

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If you are on braces, avoid these foods to ensure your braces don’t harm your teeth.

  1. Popcorn

Popcorn should be strictly avoided if you wear braces because bits of kernel can get wedged in your gums in a hard to reach spot. Your braces may have to be removed and reapplied when this happens. If you must eat popcorn, go for those ones covered with caramel and be careful not to allow any rouge kennel to get wedged.

  1. Chewing gum

Chewing gum can cause the wires between your brackets to bend in such a way that the whole brace will be ruined. The bent wires can go undetected by you, meaning your teeth are being pushed in the wrong direction and can lead to you needing to wear your braces for longer to reverse the damage.

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  1. Hard, sticky candy

Hard, sticky candy might get snarled around your braces, thereby destroying them. Also, eating candy can cause the candy to stick to your teeth and remain there for longer. This may further increase the risk of cavities as it gains access underneath your braces.

  1. Hard Cereals

An example of hard cereals to avoid is cornflakes. Eating cornflakes when you have your braces on may damage the brackets and wires, causing your brace to bend out of shape. If you must have cornflakes, then allow it to soak for longer in the milk and get soft before consuming it.

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  1. Hard Nuts

This is probably one of the worst food for people wearing brace. The hard and small nature of hard nuts like break the brackets on the brace, causing you to see your dentist to repair the damage.

  1. Raw Vegetables

This does not mean a brace wearer should completely eliminate vegetables from his or her diet. Though attempting to eat a raw carrot with your brace on can dislodge the brace. To avoid this, steam your vegetables lightly to preserve their nutrient in and soften them enough to be safe around your brace. If you really want to eat them raw, grate them into small bits.

  1. Ice

Chewing ice causes the teeth to crack, with or without braces. If peradventure the cracked tooth goes unnoticed wearing the brace, when eventually the brace is removed, the tooth breaks completely. So, avoid chewing ice, with or without brace.

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  1. Carbonated Drinks

Some sodas have been known to weaken the adhesive that holds the brackets in place on your teeth. Carbonated drinks can rots your teeth, with or without brace. It gets worse when you have your brace on. The acid and sugar in carbonated drinks attacks teeth and gums, leading to cavities.

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