How to Cover Eye Bags With Makeup

Eye bags, undereye bags, or saggy eyes can be develop under your eyes as a result of sleep deprivation. However, if you need to look your best the next morning, no need to worry because we have some makeup tricks to conceal those bags and still nail your look.

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Tips for Covering Eye Bags Easily

Here are some techniques for covering eye bags, they’re really simple and will make you look refreshed, young, and beautiful.

  • Use a base cream: You can use a base cream like a correctorThese cream are perfect for covering flaws because they’re long-lasting and moisturizing. Go for the liquid products.
  • Correcting cream: You also need to use correcting cream since this cream does not crack or filter over expression lines. It’s one of the most used products.
  • Tan base: Choose a makeup tone that isn’t exactly the same as your skin tone. A tan base will be better for the areas you want to conceal.
  • Use corrector properly: Avoid using excess quantity to avoid unattractive results. Use just the right quantity.

Tips For Covering Eye Bags

To get the best results when covering eye bags:

  • Apply a light shadow below the eye if you want to conceal your eye bags.
  • Apply a light shadow below the eyebrows if you want to separate eyes which are close together.
  • To avoid eye bags, apply a light shadow from the tear duct to the eyebrows.
  • Don’t abuse green or blue tones, otherwise they’ll highlight your eye bags.
  • Go for brown or grey smokey shades.

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Makeup is really useful in this situation. You’ll probably need a different plan from day to night, but follow our tips and you’ll be able to cover those eye bags.

Watch video below for additional help….

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