6 Actions That Destroy Relationships

Starting up a relationship with someone you just met can be so enchanting at first, such that everything would seem perfect at the onset. However, as the relationship progresses you begin to notice some things that weren’t there at the start. There are some attitudes, characters, and actions that if left unchecked can destroy relationships.

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Breakups can be so tough for most people who were once in love, but many of them could be prevented if you take note of these things that destroy relationships.

6 most common things that destroy relationships

  1. Exercising too much control

Displaying controlling attitudes towards your partner would cause the relationship to crash. Trying to gain control over their schedule, exhibiting uncontrolled jealousy, and others is not healthy for a relationship. These attitudes often lead to lies. Trust is important in making a relationship stand the test of time.

  1. Allowing your family and friends to make too much input

This is one big mistake most couples do. It isn’t wrong for your family to make input occasionally on issues that pertains to you and your partner. However, it becomes an issue if you always have to take their opinion even when your partner is not okay with it. Your friends also shouldn’t feel they have a right to make suggestions on issues that centers on you and your spouse. Both of you are adults, so resolve your matters without involving a third party. If you must involve a third party, then seek for the services of a counselor.

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  1. Negative criticism

Criticizing your partner harshly or scornfully can affect his or her self-esteem. If you must censure, do it with love and diplomacy, and if you have the lines of communication open, they would surely be grateful and work towards making improvements. Always using an arrogant tone of voice to disapprove of something they did may eventually lead to breakup.

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  1. Overlooking sex

An important key of serious relationship is sexual intimacy. When one or both married couples begin to ignore sex, then the marriage is definitely heading for the rocks. At first, you may accept the excuses, but it becomes an issue when the excuses never seems to end. If one partner wants sexual intimacy, but the other partner is reluctant, it forces the person to look outside. This may lead to cheating and eventually breakup.

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  1. Not taking care of yourself

It is wrong for you to stop taking care of yourself and your outward appearance once you have a partner. Some people stop exercising and gain a lot of weight, leave their hair unattended and completely neglect their sense of fashion. It makes you to look unattractive to your partner.

  1. Ignoring the sweet little things

While dating initially, you always keep track of birthdays, Valentine’s Day, anniversaries, and other memorable dates. However, as time goes by, some partners neglect those little things that makes a whole lot of difference in relationships. The overlooked person feels unloved and abandoned, and they may express it, leading to issues in many relationships.


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