5 Mistakes That Affect Weight Loss

Do you find yourself adding weight even with strenuous exercise? Your weight gain may be caused by some activities you do at work. Take a look at the things that are making you put on weight at work.

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Over indulging in coffee

The presence of a vending machine in the pantry of your office would cause you to overindulge. However, you can reduce your intake to just two cups of coffee in a day to reduce the consumption of calories.

Eating candy daily

Taking little treats like candy or chocolate can add up to the number of calories you consume daily. Consuming small quantity of candy daily can still have a cumulative effect because it would amount to around 100 calories weekly.

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You work overtime

You may end up settling for fast foods which are loaded with calories, when you work overtime. Avoid working late and if you must, then prepare your dinner in the morning, so you’ll eat healthy at night.

Snacking on unhealthy foods

It may be easy for you to reach out and grab an unhealthy snack in the late afternoon when you feel hungry. Stock your desk with healthy snacks like whole grain crackers or dry fruits.

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Skipping breakfast to reach work early

The act of skipping breakfast causes you to experience a mid-morning energy crash. This in turn makes you to overindulge on cookies and other foods laden with fat and carbohydrate.

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