Merits and Demerits of Dating Someone From Same Profession

Dating someone from the same profession may not be unusual because some relationships develop between people who are on the same wavelength. Most celebrities date people from the same profession.

According to professor of occupational health psychology at the University of Bedfordshire, Gail Kinman, couples in same profession may have more difficulty in achieving work life balance because the job can become the big deal in the relationship.

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If you and your partner are from the same field, then you will both understand the pressures that come with the work, deadlines, and other policies that backs up your profession since both of you are on the same page.

According to research from Priceonomics, teachers, lawyers, farm workers, and those who works in education field are more likely to choose similar partners while those in finance, mining and construction were less likely to choose partners from same field.

However, there may be some advantages and disadvantages of dating someone from the same profession.

Advantages of dating someone in the same profession

You understand one another’s job roles better

You may not necessarily have to explain the extremities that goes with your job over and over again if you and your partner are from the same profession. The likelihoods of work-related quarrels developing are much lower because you both understand each other in that aspect.

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You can have similar goals

Having a partner who is from the same profession with you will help fortify the zeal of working together towards your life goals. Both partners can help themselves attain their set goals together.

Healthy scope for discussion

In most cases, it may not be advisable to discuss your job-related problems with your partner who isn’t from your field. However, this will not be the case if both of you are from the same profession. Your partner will understand the nature of your work and other intricacies and may be able to proffer a better solution compared to a partner who isn’t from same field with you.

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Disadvantages of dating someone from the same profession

Insecurities due to the market

If the profession is affected market circumstances, it may lead to mass retrenchment which may affect both couples. So, stability needs to be thought of in advance and it always helps to live prepared and save for a rainy day.

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Unhealthy competition

Couples from same profession have the inclination of getting competitive with each other. It should not boil down to being a matter of ego on who’s the better worker to maintain a healthy relationship.

Even if they aren’t in the competitive, couples in the same profession have a tendency to grow apart largely because they stop pursuing common interests in their leisure time.


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