10 Ways to Reduce Your Exposure to Cell Phone Radiation

Cell phone radiations can cause cancer, according to the World Health Organization. The organization placed radiations from cell phones in the same category as chloroform, lead, and engine exhaust.

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Here are top 10 ways you can reduce your exposure to cell phone radiation.

1. Avoid making calls when signal is one bar or less

When the bars on your phone shows one or less, it means that it works extra hard to emit more cell phone radiation that will get the signal to the tower. So avoid making calls when your signal is low, though this does not apply if you are at the receiving end of the call. Only make calls when you have strong signal.

2. Use speakerphone when making or receiving call

When making or receiving calls, it is best to use speakerphone. Avoid holding the phone against your face. Using a headset is still okay, but the cell phone radiation can still pass through both bluetooth and wired earpieces.

You can also use an “air tube” earpiece. This is better than a radiation-conducting wire which can deliver radiations all the way from phone to brain.

3. Wait for the call to connect before putting it to your ear

Do you know that cellphones emit the most radiation when they are trying to connect to cellular towers? To avoid this, wait for the call to connect before placing it to your ear if a speaker phone isn’t readily available.

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4. Texting is better than talking

Texting does not emit much cell phone radiation. When you text, your phone only needs to ping the cellphone tower for a moment – as against the 15 minute phone conversation. So, it’s not emitting as much radiation compared to when you are talking on phone.

5. Always carry phone away from your body

Carrying cellphones away from your body helps minimize your risk of exposure to harmful radiation. Hold the cellphone away from the head or body. Carry it in your purse, bag, in a wagon, or anywhere else apart from your pocket or on your belt where soft body tissues can absorb harmful cell phone radiation.

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6. Keep kids off the phone

Kids are more vulnerable to the radiations from cellphones because their brains and tissues are still developing. Health authorities in Britain, France, Germany and Russia have all issued warnings against allowing small children to use cellphones for a long time.

  1. Avoid sleeping with your phone

When we sleep, our body’s defenses are most vulnerable. Biological repair processes come first during the state of sleep. Cell phone radiation and EMF can interrupt biological repair and cause restless sleep. So endeavor to reduce radiation exposure by 25% – 40% or even more.

  1. Use airplane mode for gaming for children

Children are more predisposed to mobile radiation. So, ensure you set the phone to “airplane mode” while gaming. This is to cut off excess radiation exposure for your kids. This method can reduce radiation exposure for children for up to 15% – 60% or more, depending upon the number of hours they play the game.

  1. Avoid use of phones while driving or in trains

Making calls while driving can cause accidents. Apart from that, the vehicle metal structure concentrates RF/ cell phone radiation, thereby intensifying RF effect on your body.

Since vehicles keep moving in and out of networks, using a cell-phone in such a situation is high on radiation.

  1. Turn off Bluetooth, WiFi or hotspot if not required on the phone

Bluetooth, WiFi, or hotspot are all radio functions, meaning they transmit EMF radiation and create unnecessary exposures when on. You violate the SAR threshold of exposure when you take a call with all these radios working together.

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