How to Eliminate Fleas and Ticks Using Tea Tree Oil

Tea tree oil contains antibiotic and antiseptic properties which makes it powerful in helping to get rid of fleas and ticks. This essential oil can cause irritation, so it shouldn’t be applied directly to the skin.

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Domestic animals can sometimes harbor fleas and ticks. Lack of proper hygiene of your pet may result to Flea and tick infestations are common if you don’t maintain proper hygiene for your pets. Apart from proper hygiene, pets can get these parasites while playing outside.

Ticks and fleas are small and live in colonies. These parasites, which feed on the blood of their host, tend to reproduce during the summer season, when temperatures high. These insects are very small and tend to live in colonies.  They leave small pustules at the site of their bite.

Diseases that are Transmitted by Fleas and Ticks

These parasites are capable of causing inflammation and itching at the site of the bite in humans. Having these parasites in the home can also lead to the risk of contracting certain diseases that can be very harmful to your health.

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Erquiliosis: This disease is transmitted by ticks. It can be very deadly for domestic animals and is a very serious disease when it affects humans. Symptoms of Erlichiosis include joint pain, fever, and blood disorders. It can lead to extreme bleeding because it reduces your platelet count.

Bubonic plague: This disease is transmitted by fleas. Symptoms may include are a high fever and inflammation of the neck. It is an emergency case that can affect the respiratory system.

There are some natural treatments that can help reduce the risks. Tea tree oil is a natural treatment that has certain properties which can help remedy the tick and flea infestation.

What is Tea Tree Oil?

Tea tree, also called Melaleuca alternifolia, is a plant that originated from Australia. It is a small shrub that has small, thin leaves, white flowers, and a pleasant aroma. The oil of tea tree contains medicinal properties which is commonly used to fight acne and treat other aesthetic disorders.

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Tea tree oil is best known for its typical aroma, along with the multiple chemical components that give it antibiotic and antiseptic properties. It isn’t administered internally for humans and pets because it is toxic when consumed.

How to use it

  1. Apply a few drops of this oil to a cup of warm water (250 ml).
  2. Add this mixture to the shampoo of your pet.
  3. This will create an effective natural tonic.
  4. Use it when you bathe your pet and you’ll watch the fleas and ticks fall off.

The use of tea tree oil is a good natural way to fight these pests cheaply and naturally. You can also apply this treatment to your clothes, furniture, and mattresses. However, be careful not to apply the pure oil directly to the skin because it can cause a severe allergic reaction. Apply this treatment daily for a week, or until all fleas or ticks disappears.

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