7 Best Ways to Ask a Girl Out and Get a Definite Yes

Before you think of approaching a girl to ask her out on a date, think of ways you can warm her up to get a charming smile and a definite “yes” from her. There are guaranteed ways that you can use to get a positive response from her.

  1. Make her feel at ease

You can achieve this by starting with a mild conversation. Avoid asking too many questions, it’s essential that you make her feel at ease, to increase your chances of getting an affirmative reply from her. Establish a nice flowing conversation with her. Most women need to feel at ease with a guy they just met before agreeing to a date.

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  1. Make eye contact with her

Maintaining eye contact without being too disturbing, works most of the time. Make eye contact with her when talking, it works by breaking down her defenses and even getting a smile from her.

  1. Be confident

It’s very easy for a woman to tell when a man is self-confident and when he is putting up a show.  When you talk or walk with her, display confidence at all times, it would make her more attracted to you.

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  1. Don’t discuss extreme topics

Don’t get too extreme or passionate, keep things casual and light when you approach a girl for the first time. Avoid bringing subjects that borders on politics, marriage, death, or breakups. These topics can lead into an extreme conversation which can make her uncomfortable with you. Those topics should be for a later date when you’ve established a relationship with her.

  1. Offer Your Assistance

Offering her assistance when she needs help will definitely play the cards in your favour. It could be something trivial like offering to carry her groceries for her or buying her a drink. This will make her feel you are caring, and that means a lot to women. This can actually go a long way towards making progress in eventually getting a date.

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  1. Compliment her without being too flattery

Women love compliments, just be modest about it. You don’t have to shower her with excess encomium, but occasionally compliment on her appearance or certain aspect of her disposition. Avoid pouring out superfluous adulation that appear implausible. You may just get a nope from her if you do this.

  1. Get to Know her a Bit

Try getting to know more of her without being too inquisitive. Getting to know her will help you plan out a date that she will love. Find out what her passions and interests are before you decide what you are going to do on your first date. This would make her more endeared to you.

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