How to Use Coconut Oil for Oral Health

Coconut oil contains lots of nutritional value, making it a popular superfood. More beneficial properties of coconut oil are being discovered including how it can be used for improving tooth and gum health.

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Using coconut oil can help prevent dental infections, gingivitis, and cavities.

Benefits of Coconut oil

Apart from its culinary use, coconut oil is also essential for treating skin, hair, and mouth problems.

  • Coconut oil is a vital food for a balanced diet.
  • It helps in weight loss process because it accelerates your metabolism.
  • Coconut oil helps in fighting dental infections caused by bacteria
  • It whitens your dental enamel without damaging it and inhibits tarter build up.
  • It can reduce inflammation and bleeding of the gums.

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The best type of coconut oil to use for oral health is extra virgin coconut oil because it contains antibacterial properties. The oil becomes solid at temperatures below 75ºF but will return to a liquid once it comes in contact with your body heat.

How to use Coconut Oil for Improving Oral Health

For oral health, coconut oil can be used in the morning to rinse or swish your mouth. It can also be used at night to brush teeth the way you use a regular toothpaste.

Daily rinses with coconut oil

You can use coconut oil as daily rinses or swishes to improve the health of your mouth and your entire digestive system.

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Using coconut oil for rinsing mouth promotes a deep cleanse of the mouth and helps balance your digestive tract. It eliminates bacteria and toxins without changing the pH of your mouth. Using this oil as a rinse also helps to reduce inflammation of gums and to get rid of tartar.

How to coconut oil as a rinse

  • Before breakfast, place one tablespoon of extra virgin coconut oil (15 ml) in your mouth.
  • Begin to rinse and spread the oil around your entire mouth. Don’t gargle so as to prevent this oil from going down your throat.
  • Rinse for about 20 second. The dense texture of the oil should become lighter.
  • Spit out the oil and brush your teeth using your regular toothpaste.
  • Repeat this every morning.

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Use Natural Toothpaste

Use only natural toothpaste options to keep your mouth healthy and resistant to dental infections. Natural toothpastes contain essential oils, activated charcoal, clay, vegetable oils and other health-friendly ingredients. Natural toothpaste is devoid of fluorine, sulfates, and other additives that can affect your health and alter the pH of your saliva.

  • Brush your teeth after each main meal.
  • Replace your toothpaste with coconut oil at least once a day.

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