‘The Pill’ for Men: What it Looks Like

Just the way we have The Pill for women, a new contraceptive for men, called Vasalgel, is a medical breakthrough that will give couples more freedom in planning their familyVasalgel, which has little or no side-effects, is as effective as a vasectomy, but will be entirely reversible.

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Dr Amir Zarrabi, a specialist in male fertility and microsurgery at the Division of Urology at Stellenbosch University said, “This is the ‘holy grail’ of male contraception. Men [could] finally have a safe, reliable and reversible form of contraception available to them. It will also give couples a lot of flexibility.”

Vasalgel is already being tested in humans. It was developed by the Parsemus Foundation in the USA.

How Vasalgel work

A small needle is used to inject Vasalgel substance into the vas deferens (the tube that transports sperm from the testicle to the outside). The Vasalgel forms a partial blockage in this tube and obstructs the passage of sperm cells.

According to Dr. Zarrabi, “It also damages the sperm cells to such an extent that they are no longer able to perform their function.”

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To reverse the procedure, a thin needle is again passed into the vas deferens and an alkaline solution (like sodium bicarbonate) is injected into the tube. This alkaline solution will dissolve the Vasalgel substance and everything is flushed out of the tube so that sperm can once again make their unobstructed passage through the tubes.

No side-effects

When compared to vasectomy, a vasagel procedure has little or no side-effects. A vasectomy procedure comes with some risks, such as infection or bleeding. A post-vasectomy pain may be experienced due to build-up of pressure in the testicles.

According to Dr. Zarrabi, “Vasalgel does not require any surgery does not carry any of these risks. There may be minor risks related to the process, but because it is truly a minimally invasive procedure, the risks and complications should be much less than with a conventional vasectomy procedure.”

Zarrabi added that results from large scale human trials with Vasalgel will soon be out, but all indications are that the risk of side effects should be pointedly reduced.”

Watch video of how vasalgel works;

Source: The Guardian, Health24.com

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