Ways To Protect Your Kids Against Fungal Infections

It is not uncommon for fungal infection to affect children because they always share play areas and toys with other children. Fungal infection is more predominant during the summer months since hot and humid weather provides a suitable environment for fungus to thrive.

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Here are ways you can protect your children against contracting fungal infections.

  1. They should dry between their toes properly

Teach your kids to dry in between their toes properly after bathing, to avoid a breeding environment for athlete’s foot because this fungal infection tends to thrive in moist environment.

  1. Kids should not share personal belongings

Though it is important for your kids to share their stuff with other children, let them know that there are limits and some personal stuffs should not be shared. Ringworm can spread by sharing combs and hats, while athlete’s foot can spread by the sharing of towels and shoes.

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  1. Deworm your pets (and the family) regularly

Worm eggs can spread through the faeces of your pets. So it is advisable to regularly deworm your pet at least 3-5 times in a year. De-worm your whole family too.

  1. Use dry towels and clothes after swimming 

Don’t allow your kids to wear wet swimming clothes for long because they can trap bacteria which can provide an ideal environment for infection to thrive. Always keep clean, dry towels and dry clothing for your child to change into after swimming.

  1. Encourage your kids to always wear flip-flops

Be it on school camps, in public showers, or at the public swimming pool, encourage your kids to always wear flip-flops from a young age to avoid contracting athlete’s foot. Ensure they always take a pair of flip-flops whenever they go on school trips, public pool, or the beach.

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  1. Keep sandpits and play areas clean

Sandpits and jungle gyms should be cleaned always because pets often poo in sand pits and ringworm can be spread through their faeces. Buy a portable sandpit that can be covered when not in use to keep pets out.

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