11 Skin Beauty Habits You Should Observe Before Bedtime

Your bedtime routine shouldn’t simply be washing your face and applying moisturizer before dozing off for the night. It should be more than that. You should observe a bedtime routine that can boost the production of collagen on your skin, while making you younger for longer.

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When you sleep, your body repairs the cells, reduces the impact of pollution, environment and sun on your skin, and refreshes itself. So, you need to help your skin achieve its quest during your sleep hours with the proper beauty routine.

11 Skin Beauty Habits You Should Observe Before Bedtime

Try these bedtime beauty routine that produce noticeable effects in just a few days.

Remove makeup

Don’t form the bad habit of sleeping with your makeup on, no matter how tired you are. This is because your skin heals and repairs itself in the night. During this time that your pores open up. However, the pores will get clogged and won’t get any air, if there’s a layer of pancake foundation, mascara or blush on the skin. This will prevent skin repairing itself which can cause acne to form.

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Use purifying masks

You can rejuvenate your skin right at home without going to expensive parlors and salons. Try homemade purifying masks as a bedtime routine every once or twice in the week for a beautiful skin.

Take a warm bath

Taking a warm bath before bed can help you sleep better and improve the appearance of your skin. You can try the warm and cozy bath, use bath salts at night or simply use some scented shower gel that will soothe your mind and skin.

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Use toner

After your warm bath, always use a toner before going to bed. You can use rose water or other moisturizing toners. Toners help in:

  • Protecting your skin against bacteria and dust
  • Balancing the pH levels of your skin
  • Reducing the appearance of larger pores

Don’t forget to apply eye cream

One of the early ageing signs is usually seen around the eyes. Eye cream at night helps eliminate dark circles and other signs of ageing. Avoid dark, puffed skin and crow’s feet by applying eye cream daily. Apart from getting rid of wrinkles, it will help your skin glow all through the day. Go for lightweight eye brightening and moisturizing creams.

Apply moisturizer

Wash and moisturize your face before going to the bed. This will help in locking moisture in the skin and safeguard the growth of collagen and new skin cells.

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Use petroleum jelly on your feet

During the day, our feet is stressed when we walk around in those uncomfortable shoes. So, we ought to pamper our feet during the night to help them relax. Use petroleum jelly to moisturize your feet every night so as to reduce lines or cracks on the heels. Petroleum jelly promotes healing by trapping the moisture inside the feet.

Use Silk Pillow Covers

Instead of using old cotton or linen pillow covers, use silk pillow covers that will reduce hair damage and enhance better skin.

Use Two Pillows

Form the habit of sleeping with two pillows during the night to assist in blood flow and circulation. Using two pillows helps in avoiding accumulation of fluids around the eye. Place your head on one of the pillows and place the other under your midsection.

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Switch on the Humidifier

Sleeping with the humidifier on can help promote healthier air in the room, moisturize your skin and will protect you against infections.

Use Hand Lotion

After using your hands for numerous activities including washing the dishes, taking your bath and other activities, you should apply some hand lotion before bed.

Observe these bedtime routine daily and you will be amazed at the results in no time. Don’t also forget to brush and floss your teeth just before you go to sleep. Brush about 30 minutes after having your last meal to protect your mouth from germs, cavities, and infections.

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