Warning Signs that Your Partner Will Never Get Married

Some persons secretly prefer living their lives on their own term with any social customs and traditional obligations. It would be wrong to be in a relationship with such sets of people and hope to get married. Does your partner see his or her friends getting married and wonder what the fuss is all about? Then you need to reconsider your stance in that relationship if you want to get married.

  1. They love to be free

For marriage to last, it requires commitment and devotion to your partner. So, if you are in a relationship where your partner prefers absolute freedom in everything they do irrespective of how you’ll feel, then you need to think about the long-term prospect with such a person. If your partner can never dream your life without the level of freedom they have at present, then don’t hope for more.

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  1. They are married to their career

You ought to know when your partner places his profession before you. If your partner places his or her career far ahead of you, then they may be married to their passion already. It’s not that they don’t love you, but they are totally consumed with their passion. If they suspect marriage as a possible threat to steal their passion and devotion, then they will never get married.

  1. They love themselves more than you

When your partner unconditionally love themselves, career, and every other thing that pertains to them, then there is obviously no space for you in their life. Don’t get married to such a person because if eventually they ever agree to get married, it may just be for societal obligation or family pressure, but not because they truly love you that much. Such marriage can never last because the other person will feel unloved and frustrated.

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  1. They don’t believe in marriage

Don’t marry someone who doesn’t believe in the institution of marriage. Some persons feel if they truly love someone, then there is no need for their union to be validated by marriage.

  1. They are horrified of attachment

There need to be some certain sort of attachment between couples for any marriage to stand the test of time. However, your partner may be scared of marriage if they feel attachment would cause them to lose their sense of happiness and identity.

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  1. They are happy with being alone

Most people who get married are scared of being alone. However, if your partner is happier whenever you are not around or prefers being alone, then he or she isn’t for marriage. These sets of people love their loneliness or privacy and the time they spend with themselves.

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