Vital Workouts Every Woman Should Know

It is no doubt important for both men and women to engage in regular exercise, but there are certain fitness routines that are especially beneficial to women alone.

Engaging in regular exercise comes with a lot of health benefits. According to the Gastroenterological Society of Australia, exercise can help the intestinal muscles break down food and then, move it through your system properly by strengthening the abdominal muscles and reducing lethargy.

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Research shows that exercise is a vital step towards preventing breast cancer risk because it helps keep a woman’s oestrogen in check. Higher levels of oestrogen is stored in fat, which can increase the risk of cancer. Exercising can also be beneficial for your skin too.

Engaging in regular exercise can help you deal with acne by controlling the production of acne-inducing hormones like DHEA and DHT through proper blood flow.

Here are the workout routine every woman should carryout daily

Yoga involves engaging in breathing and physical poses. Yoga can promote mind-body awareness and help in the proper processing of your thoughts. A woman usually goes through various stages and cycles of mood swings.

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However, yoga has the capacity to ease all these symptoms by stimulating your parasympathetic nervous system and calming the central nervous system. Practice deep relaxation every day among other yoga poses. Yoga can increase the flow of oxygenated blood to a woman’s reproductive organs and tissues, and ease discomforts linked with period cramps and bloating.

Squats helps to tone back muscles and to eliminate cellulite on the buttocks. Cellulite affects most women, leaving a lumpy appearance.


As women grow older, most of them may suffer from obesity, arthritis, osteoporosis and osteoarthritis as they age, since, their bone mineral density reduces. Cycling can reduce the risk of osteoarthritis by inducing weight loss.

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You will be amazed to know that steady cycling can burn around 300 calories per hour. Cycling is gentle on your joints, meaning it may help you preserve cartilage.

Cycling can be helpful for women who suffer from muscle strain, foot problems, knee troubles, back pain or other injuries caused by running.

Cycling can also help ease symptoms in women undergoing various biological processes like fatigue, stress, weight gain, depression, and others.

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