5 Ways To Naturally Increase Your Height

Is it really possible to increase one’s height naturally? It is true that about 20 percent or more of our body height depends upon our diet, environment, and activities. Therefore, we can increase our height in a natural way by observing certain rules in our daily lives.

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Height can be a necessary factor that determines the general personality of an individual. Some short people suffer low self-esteem. Follow the following tips to increase your height naturally.

  1. Engage in regular exercise

Being physically fit is an essential tip to increase a person’s height. Engaging in regular exercise and sports improves one’s height. The body requires more healthy nutrients when you are physically fit. Therefore, an increase in consumption of nutrients causes growth.

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Sports like tennis, swimming, aerobics, cricket, football, basketball or a number of other stretching activities are a good way to keep our body growing. Studies have shown that there is a direct relation between physical activity and bone development during growth.

  1. Always maintain correct posture

Maintaining the right posture is something that should be done right from childhood. When sitting on a chair, sit straight, keeping your shoulders straight and chin high. Also while standing or walking, keep your hips over your feet. Avoid hunching or stooping your shoulders while sitting or walking.

A straight spine and a strong back can help increase your height. Align your neck and head without bending or slouching while sitting, standing, or walking.

  1. Get Proper Sleep

While we sleep, our body grows and regenerates tissues. Therefore, good quality sleep are crucial for a growing body. It’s believed that the Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is produced naturally in our bodies during sound, deep, and slow wave sleep. Children and teenagers can attain their maximum height if they observe 8 to 11 hours of proper sleep every night.

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  1. Eat balanced diet always

Eating a balanced diet is totally essential to get appropriate nutrition that can enhance your growth. Avoid junk food, saturated fats, carbonated drinks, and foods with lots of sugar because these can cause a negative impact on your overall growth pattern. Ensure you get all the vitamins and minerals that your body needs in order to have a healthy growth. Foods that can enhance growth includes; green vegetables, dairy products, asparagus, eggs, oysters, and peanuts.

  1. Practice Yoga

You can also practice yoga to increase your height naturally. Yoga improves the overall fitness of your body, which is beneficial to give a boost growth rate.

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Certain yoga poses like the stretching and balancing exercises, facilitate the release of growth-inducing hormones in the body. These exercise strengthen the muscles and improve the posture of the body too. Try yoga poses such as the Cobra pose, Pleasant pose, Triangle pose, Cobra pose, Tree pose, and the Mountain pose.

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