Women with Slim Hips Are at Greater Risk of Diabetes & Heart attack, Study Finds

Women with slim hips could be at higher risk of developing diabetes and heart attack, according to results from a recent study published in the JAMA medical journal.

The new research asserts that adding on weight is dangerous for health, but women with slim hips could be at risk of getting heart attacks and diabetes.

From the study, adding on weight around the hips is actually safer than accumulation around the belly or around other major organs of the body.

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Some women have slim waist because they are from genetics, they are unable to store fat at the hips, which puts them at risk of Type-2 diabetes and heart disease.

The researchers studied the genetic profiles of more than 600,000 women for the study. They identified two specific groups of genetic variants — one that lowers fat around the hips and another increasing fat around the waist and belly.

Results showed that both of the genetic variants identified were related with higher risk of type-2 diabetes and heart attacks.

Lead researcher, Luca Lotta, from the University of Cambridge said;

“This means that individuals with slim waist specially store their excess fat in the liver, muscles or pancreas, or in their blood in the form of circulating fats and sugar, any of which can lead to a higher disease risk.”

“It may seem counter-intuitive to think that some people with less fat around their hips are at higher risk of diabetes or heart disease,” added Lotta.

The study noted that genetics which change fat distribution by lowering fat storage around the hips increase risk of disease independent of mechanisms that affect storage of abdominal fat.

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