How to Take Care of Yourself during Menstruation

Drink Green tea

Drinking green tea during periods helps a lot because it helps treat menstrual cramps, leaving you with a soothing effect. Apart from green tea, other herbal teas you can try includes ginger tea, cinnamon tea, and turmeric tea.

Eat balanced diet

You need the nutrients and vitamins that a balanced diet has to offer during menstrual cycle. Consume more protein, healthy fats, vegetables, fruits and nuts to maintain a healthy diet. You can also boost your mood with some chocolates.

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Take care of yourself

You can spend more time on yourself during your period. Take a hot bath that would help treat cramps and help you relax. You can also go for a hair spa, manicure or pedicure to make yourself feel better.

Engage in minor exercises

You can engage in light exercises such as yoga or meditation during your menstrual flow which can help reduce the pains and cramps. If you are indulged in heavy cardio exercises, it is wise to hold on for a few days and do some slow fat burning exercising.

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Take enough rest

You need to avoid stress during your menstrual flow. Allow yourself to rest properly to ease tension and painful cramps. Avoid stressful activities. Keep yourself warm in your blanket and enjoy some time with your favourite food. Though you need to avoid eating sugary foods as this can exacerbate the cramps.

Maintain proper hygiene

During menstrual cycle, you should be very careful about your hygiene. Wash your hands properly before and after changing your pads or using the toilet. Avoid skipping baths during your periods to avoid accumulation of germs.

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