5 Self Checkups Every Man Should Know About

Regular self-checkup is important to maintain proper health, because they make one aware of changes in their health and how to make timely intervention.

Apart from disease that are male gender-specific such as erectile dysfunction, testicular cancer, and prostate cancer, there are also some health issues that affect more men than women. They include;

5 Self Checkups Every Man Should Know About

Early identification of medical conditions is one benefit of health checkups. The 5 self checkups every man should know how to do include:

  1. Urine check

Urine check is vital when you are having bathroom troubles, which may be caused by prostate gland conditions or cancer. If a growth develops on your prostate swells or it swells, your urine flow may be cut off and you may not keep a steady stream. Consult your doctor if you notice an enlarged prostate or irregular urine stream.

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  1. Waistline check

Constant increase in waistline could be a sign of cardiovascular disease or diabetes. So, if you feel your waist getting bigger, observe it and measure it every month. If it keeps growing, then work towards reducing your waist size by engaging in exercise. However, if it keeps increasing despite of physical activity, consult your doctor for proper diagnosis and timely treatment.

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  1. STD check

All sexually active men should get themselves screened at least once for HIV and other sexually transmitted diseases, especially those who have engaged in unprotected sex with multiple partners or have injected drugs. Moreover, those who are at high risk for STDs should consult their health care provider once in a year.

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 4. Mouth check

Unexplained growth on your tongue, lips, throat, and gums may be signs of cancer, though not necessarily all the time. However, if you have a sore or bump that refuses to disappear despite treatment, you should see your doctor immediately. It is more common for men to experience oral cancer because of cancer-causing HPV infections.

  1. Hairline check

A receding hairline may be related to advance in age. However, if your hair is falling out in spots or coming out in clumps, you will need to see your doctor. When a man is stressed, stress hormones like cortisol and epinephrine can cause white blood cells to attack the hair follicles, which impede hair growth, causing your hair to fall out in tufts.

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Your doctor may suggests stress management techniques to help remedy your condition. When taking a shower, washing, or combing your hair, be observant. Apart from stress, heart disease or memory impairment can cause a man’s hair to fall out.

Regular health checkups can help catch diseases at an early stage before they become unmanageable or untreatable.


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