6 Health Mistakes Women Make And How To Correct Them

Most women find it difficult to make their health a priority mainly because modern lifestyle has made them too busy to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

Disregarding your general wellbeing will be detrimental to your health eventually. Make your health a priority by avoiding these common health mistakes.

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Insufficient Sleep 

Not getting the required hours of sleep can cause a great havoc to your body. Depriving your body of quality sleep can boomerang in the long run. Women who rarely sleep at night are more likely to have heart diseases, diabetes, and high blood pressure.  Get sufficient sleep every night to be healthy.

Excessive Stress 

Stress has taken a toll on most women due to a whole lot of factors including work deadlines, relationship issues, family responsibilities, competitions, and others. These factors can lead to complete distress.

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Wearing Heels 

Yes you love donning heels. But wearing them every day to work can take a toll on your health. Wearing heels for a long period of time can actually damage your bones and increase your risk of developing osteoarthritis.

Lack of Physical Exercise 

No matter how tight your schedule is, try to squeeze in time for exercise. You don’t have to exercise for long, at least 20-30 minutes daily will make a great difference. Regular workouts can help maintain your weight and burn calories.

Not Applying SPF 

You can protect your skin from harmful UV rays from the sun by applying a good SPF cream. Excessive exposure to the sun can leave your skin dry and wrinkled. Sun exposure can increase your chances of developing melanoma (a deadly form of skin cancer).

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Emotional Eating 

Mood swings can cause you to binge eat, which isn’t good for your health. You may crave for chocolate due to emotional stress. Emotions can drive you to binge eat sometimes because our mood affects levels of blood sugar. Try to avoid emotional eating as much as you can. Stay around people or do things that make you happy to prevent emotional eating.

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