Lifestyle Factors That Causes Depression

Depression never develops instantly, but occurs progressively. A traumatic event, job-related problems, or even lack of sufficient sleep can all lead to depression.

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Here are some lifestyle factors that can cause you to be depressed.

Traumatic experiences

A trauma in childhood, such as sexual abuse, loss of a parent before adolescence, child neglect, physical or emotional abuse, and parental divorce could make you depressed at an older age.

Work-related issues

Some trivial issues at work may leave you worried, making it very difficult for you to think clearly or concentrate. Making a simple choice can appear tasking. Also, taking a wrong decision either in your choice of life partner, job, marriage, family, and other, may eventually lead to depression.

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Physical illnesses

There are some diseases that may take a drastic toll in your life, making it hard for you to cope and leading to depression. Some medical conditions can limit movements, restrict things or foods that you love, and prompt depressive thoughts.

Sleep deprivation

Insufficient sleep affects your energy, mood, and makes you fragile. Lack of sleep for over a month leaves you depressed. Ensure that you get proper sleep.

Lack of social support

The chances of depressive thoughts setting in is high if a person does not have supportive relationships. Women who are at home with young kids and those who are isolated are depressed, according to studies.

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Poor diet

Studies have described the link between nutrient deficiencies and depression. Deficiencies in vitamins B and D are related to a depressed mood. Poor diet can herald the beginning of depression.

Not meeting expectations or targets

If you are not able to live up to your expectations or meet targets you’ve set to achieve, it may leave you feeling depressed. When you are not able to cope with stressful situations, you may develop depression.

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