7 Simple Ways to Make Your Man Feel Very Special and Loved

It’s not the big things a man do in a relationship that matters to a woman, but those very little trivial things which can easily be missed or taken for granted that matters to a woman. The same is very true for men too, they cherish small gestures and yield great love in return.

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So, here are some simple ways you can make your man feel special and have him reciprocate your love.

  1. Make him feel important

Men always like to feel relevant in all things, including things that pertains their relationship. Make him feel you need his help from time to time. It could be about simply stuffs like changing a dead bulb in the house, fixing the kitchen sink, helping you fetch an item from a far height, and others. You don’t necessarily have to choke him with chores but ask him for help when you need it and that makes him feel needed. Most men don’t really like a woman that feels too independent because it sends a signal that says “Am okay, I don’t need a man around me”. So, make him feel needed occasionally on simple tasks that are somewhat beyond your reach.

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  1. Be his cheerleader, praise his achievements

Men place a certain value on the level of success they’ve attained in their career. Most men equate success in their vocation directly to their manhood, and their work gives them a sense of purpose. They may share their success with you in order to impress you and to let you know that they are capable of providing a future for you both. Respect, admire and cheer him on his accomplishments no matter how small he may have achieved. It would energize him to do more.

  1. Show him love and care

Your man may be stressed out after a hard day’s work. Don’t rush him immediately he walks in the door with lists of things that should be gotten for the kitchen or around the house. Give him time to relax, show him you care with a nice, warm bath and a massage. Prepare his favorite food for him. When you feel he is ready to talk, ask him about how his day went. There are times he may not even feel like talking, just being there is all that he needs you to do.

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  1. Compliment him

It’s not only women who love compliments, men love them too. It could be your man has strong arms, wonderful abs, nice hair, and charming smile, compliment him. It could be his choice of suit or tie, his new hair-cut, or something about his appearance that he is trying out new, compliment him. Say explicit and surprising things that would make him feel you only have eyes for him. It would make him loved.

  1. Laugh at his jokes

Women love men who have a great sense of humour without actually being a clown. Men feel attracted to women who laugh at their small jokes. They connect their sense of hilarity with their self-esteems. So, show your man that you consider his jests funny, he’ll appreciate you for it.

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  1. Develop interest in his hobbies

It could be he loves football or video games. Indulge him on his hobbies. You may not like football, but sit with him occasionally to watch matches, and ask him questions about some of the players. You could even play video games with him once in a while. Your man will be delighted that his woman is interested in something he enjoys, it would draw him closer to you.

  1. Praise his bedroom skills

Make him feel his bedroom efforts are the best, even though he may not be the best lover you’ve ever had. Men can be very sensitive when it comes to their sexual skill, and they always crave to please their woman, it means a lot to them. It’s an ego thing for them. Once in a while, tell him how sexually attracted you are to him, how he turns you on, and what you love about his body and his moves. He’ll always love you.

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