Bad Lifestyle That May Cause Stomach Cancer

Stomach cancer actually starts in the inner layer of the stomach and gradually attacks the stomach wall. Symptoms of stomach cancer may include: 

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Types of Stomach Cancer 

Stomach cancer is actually grouped based on the type of tissue they originate from. The most common types of stomach cancer includes:

  • Adenocarcinoma: originates from the glandular tissue of the stomach
  • Lymphomas: originate from the lymphatic system
  • Sarcomas: involve the connective tissue such as fat, blood vessels, and muscle.

Habits that Trigger Stomach Cancer 

There are lifestyle or bad habits that can trigger stomach cancer. They include:

  • Regular use of tobacco
  • Eating hot meals
  • Irregular diet
  • Eating acidic fruits

Regular use of tobacco 

Constant use of tobacco increases the risk of developing stomach cancer at the part of the stomach closest to the esophagus called the proximal stomach. It is advisable to quit tobacco if you have been smoking it for a long time. Smoking is detrimental to your health, it has no health benefit.

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Consuming hot food

The mucous of the digestive tract isn’t designed to handle foods with temperature above 50-60 degrees. So consuming hot food can be unsafe for your stomach. Hot meals can burn the stomach, leading to pathological changes, which can invariably increase your risks of developing stomach cancer.

Irregular Diet 

Your stomach functions better when you follow a regular pattern of fixed diet. People who follow fixed diet are less likely to develop stomach cancer than those who don’t. The stomach functions better when we follow a fixed diet. Observing a fixed diet helps the stomach to digest the food properly and does not harm the stomach. To maintain a fit stomach, focus on a fixed eating routine.

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Acidic Fruits

Consuming acidic foods like lemon juice or blue berries on empty stomach is very unhealthy. When you are hungry, the gastric acid in your stomach reaches a high point and attacks the walls of your stomach. So, eating acidic foods at this point can worsen the condition.


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