Health Risks of Using Earphones

Earphones causes hearing complication

Using earphone with volume over and above 90 decibels, can affect your hearing, leaving you with a hearing complication or even hear loss. On listening to more than 100 decibels for over 15 minutes can eventually affect your hearing.

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Using earphones have negative effects on brain

Excessive use of earphones produce some electromagnetic waves that can be hazardous for your brain. Daily use of earphone or Bluetooth have been found to have some sort of brain related problems, according to studies.

Earphones can cause ear infection

Bacteria from ears of different people can easily travel through headphones. So you stand a high chance of getting a ear infection if your headphones are a public property. So, if you are using a public headphone, sanitize it before using.

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Earphones numbs the ear

According to recent studies, people who regularly use earphones to listen to loud music can leave there ear numb. Although the numbness comes back to be normal, it can eventually lead to permanent deafness.

Air blockage

Current earphones are now fashioned to be inserted into the ear canal. This can lead to infection since it practically obstructs passage of air to the ear canal.

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