Foods and Drinks That Can Cause Upset Stomach

Stomach upset can be caused by consuming contaminated foods and drinks. Edible substances that are contaminated with bacteria, viruses, or parasites can cause stomach problems. Eating spicy, greasy, or fatty foods can lead to gas, bloating or indigestion.

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Vegetable skins

There are some vegetable skins that are difficult to digest. Consuming the skin pf potato or bell pepper can lead to stomach upset. To avoid this, ensure you peel the skin, then mash or stew the inside of the vegetable.


Grapes are high in fructose which often causes gas. Consuming grapes excessively can cause nausea and diarrhea. Also, grapes contains tannins which can upset your stomach. It is advised that you eat only a small amount of grapes.

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Energy bars

Most energy bars contain sugar alcohols, like maltitol syrup and glycerin, which can result to gastrointestinal issues. Some energy bars are high in complex carbohydrates and calories that are unhealthy for sensitive stomach.


Nuts can equally cause stomach upset because they are hard to digest and consuming them in excess quantity can cause upset stomach. Nuts can increase the risk for bloating and gas because they are high in fiber and fat content. Eating nuts in large quantity can cause irritation in the stomach because they contain tannin.

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Probiotics can cause stomach problems, even though they help to maintain a healthy digestive system. Certain probiotic supplements may be helpful, while sometimes they work opposite due to the consumption of billions of bacteria.

Green tea

Though green tea contains many health benefits, but it also contains irritants that can make you feel nauseated and bloated. Green tea is high in tannins which are linked with nausea and bloating. Instead of green tea, go for chamomile tea.

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Carbonated drinks

The intake of fizzy drinks like soda, beer, and other drinks that contain carbon dioxide gas can affect your stomach. Instead of carbonated drinks, take lots of plain water.

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