What Your Blood Group Says About Your Health

The human blood is classified into four groups namely: OAB and AB. There are also two Rh factors, positive and negative that we inherit from our parents.

Recent study on the connotation of blood groups and health has been underrated because a Nazi scientist, Dr. Otto Rehe, stated that the group A is typical for Aryans, while people that have the blood type B are subservient or submissive to Aryans.

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Now recent studies have shown the connection between certain blood groups with specific diseases.

Blood Type A (fertile, but tend to drink)

For women with A-type blood group, the number of eggs- cells decreases slightly with age. This means even at older age, they may easily get pregnant.

However, women with this blood type have higher risks of developing stomach cancer, particularly if they smoke and drink alcohol.

Blood Type B (a higher risk of ulcers, but better metabolism)

People with type B blood group have a higher risk of developing pancreatic cancer, memory issues, including dementia and Alzheimer’s as they advance in age. They are also more susceptible to ulcers and infections, but they have faster metabolism, build muscle easier and respond well to workouts.

Blood Type 0 (lower risk of heart attack and reduced fertility)

This group have a decreased risk of getting heart attack and stomach cancer. However, they have an increased risk of developing stomach ulcers caused by bacteria Helicobacter pylori. Men with this blood group are susceptible to obesity. Women with this blood type have fewer and poorer quality of eggs, making them have fertility issues.

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Nevertheless, people with this blood group are mostly not stressed and after traumatic experience, their level of the stress hormone cortisol quickly drops down.

Blood group AB (prone to a heart attack, but with better vision)

Women with this blood type tend to have a higher risk of developing ovarian cancer, and pregnant women with this blood type have a higher risk of high blood pressure or preeclampsia. Both men and women with AB blood group tend to experience Crohn’s disease, chronic gastritis, heart disease and stroke.

Also for this group, the cortisol levels remain stable for long after a traumatic event, thus making them less resistant to stress. They are not as much predisposed to vision problems.

Article source: Healtheirwayoflife.com

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